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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

All about sewing...

Don't you ever get moments where inspiration just comes to you naturally?
I felt like this today ~ and took myself to the craft store in the next village near where I live, which is an Aladdin's cave of fabrics for all sorts of occasions. This company has been running for 40 years since  it opened in 1971, a good three years before I was even born!
I always love coming here, although the last time I set foot in the shop was for a job interview 2 years ago to work as a sales assistant. Needless to say I never got the job!!

I came out with some GORGEOUS fabric ~in saying that, I haven't sewn in a long time!!     Well, I spotted some skulls fabric which immediately reminded me of my sister who is into such things!!

I bought half a metre :

To be honest, I am a novice at sewing, and here is what I ended up making.....(like I said,  the cushion has it's imperfections. Oh well , practice makes perfect as they say!!)

I used a cushion blank, and inserted it inside the cushion cover which I had made from two squares of the fabric sewn onto an  8 " zip.    Then I added a cute gothic charm onto the zip as a finishing touch.....et voila!!!!

Easy peasy!!

I am planning on making a similar cushion very soon, only with a French design (Paris-themed fabic finished off with a small Eiffel tower charm on the zip!!)~ since I am a Francophile at heart..

                    *                                     *                                       *                                       *

My very first cushion:

                  *                                       *                                          *                                    *

What will you create today?   Can any of you come up with ideas on what I should make with this satin feel material? The most inspiring idea will win a prize from my own craft box!!  Feel free to add comments below!!

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