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Friday, 13 July 2012


I haven't done any crafting today. So I went and decluttered my cardmaking cupboard.

I bought these on ebay a year ago and never got round to using them.
So, I have a challenge for you.   Simply click on the following link and fill in the poll to be in with a chance of winning the above cute items!

Click here for competition

The winner will receive the following brand new items: 

Cupcakes embellishments/stickers

Smirk Clear stamps - sports themed

Gem embellishments

Pack of Smirk paper strips/backing paper 

Best of luck to you!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Cards to make on a rainy day!!

Materials used:  Cupcake backing paper, Happy Birthday banner, embellishments

Materials used: patterned backing paper, alphabet chipboard embellishments, embellishment

Materials used: embossed paper,  paper flowers & sticker, Mother vellum banner.

Materials used:  Thank you paper words, cute picture, cupcake backing paper

Materials used:  backing paper, lace adhesive paper ribbon, flower embellishment, Congratulations banner

Materials used: Chinese coin charm, Chinese hole punch, fabric flowers, brads, Best wishes sticker, paper ribbon

Paper mache letter holder tutorial

Paper mache letter holder

The letter rack I created above was inspired by my love of letter writing & foreign correspondance in general.   I decided to use up my old used postage stamps that were lying about in the house (recycling helps the environment).          Can you think of any other ways in which we can recycle within our crafts?


Materials used:
Cardboard box & a rectangular cardboard base; paints; used foreign stamps; strips of newspaper, wallpaper paste; adhesive.

  1. Start by cutting the box to give the diagonal 'opening' on the top of the box
  2. Paste strips of newspaper to the box using the wallpaper paste and cover all areas on the outside
  3. Repeat until four layers have been applied (leaving it to dry thoroughly between layers)
  4. Attach the cardboard base
  5. Paint the whole box with white paint
  6. Paint the inside of the holder with a dark paint
  7. Allow to dry, then glue the used stamps on, arrange them so they overlap slightly so no gaps can be seen
  8. Once completed decorate the base and the top edges with red & blue paint.
And, voila!!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

My mosaics order arrived today;  and how delightful!!     I started dabbling in mosaics about three years ago...and it is a very calming hobby there is no doubt about it.

To make a mosaic art piece, basically you need the following items:

Base (mdf or piece of plywood or a table top for example) , mosaic tiles, goggles, gloves, tile cutter/nipper, grout, grout pigment, silicone glue or adhesive, clean rags or sponges (for cleaning your piece after completing project)

Iridescent effect tiles

Unusual mosaic shapes with words/faces/hearts on them!


 Boy, what fun could I have with these??!!

 Here's one I made earlier:

This was very simple to make; first I used an apple shaped mdf for it's eye catching shape and arranged the mosaic tiles onto the base. I then glued the pieces on using PVA glue, left it for 24 hours to dry.  Using some ready made grout I filled in the gaps between the mosaics. After ten minutes, I used a damp rag and wiped the tops of the tiles clean.     And, there you have it -  a gorgeous decorative mosaic plaque !!!

For the love of art...

Art is everywhere. Look beyond yourself and you see it in the people , places and things around you.

One artist I know is Canal Cheong-Jagerroos, a professional painter who has done very well for herself.  Married to a Finnish husband, she originated from Macau.  Her father taught her the fundamental techniques of traditional Chinese painting; this can be seen in many of her works past and present. 

I first met Canal in 1996 whilst I was living in Strasbourg, France.   I was a student back then, those memories of my friendship with her were unforgettable...later on after I left France, we sorted of drifted apart.      I am sad about this, but people in life move on....I am honoured to have met her and formed a friendship with her - albeit a short one.        Some of her current paintings have fetched several thousand pounds per piece!

Click here to see info & paintings by Canal

Beading as a hobby

Jewellery-making has only become a recent interest of mine.   Although not a cheap hobby, I find that if you spend a little money to get the best beads, it is worth it!
Tools needed:   Jewellery making elastic ( I find for bracelets, elastic is more reliable than beading wire), & some good quality beads!

I LOVE crackle glass beads!!

Celestial jewellery

My favourite piece

The moon charm gives this piece character

Millefiori beads were used with this necklace ( I  personally call them 'rock' beads, as they resemble 'cut sticks of rock' with a pattern permeating throughout the bead)


I highly recommend the following sites for bead supplies:




 Invest in some craft storage boxes and you will be able to organise your beads more easily.


For your chance to win the bundle of beads you see below, just leave a comment on this beading post & your name will be entered into a draw!!

These unusual beads will be a great addition to any crafter's collection!!

 This is the first of many of giveaways/draws I will be holding - so keep reading!!

Good luck!!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Paper dreams....

My cards....

                                                            Lotus notecards

           Materials used:  roses patterned vellum/Chinese coin/Thanks stamped embossed image

 Geisha design card (stained glass effect)

   This is one of my own personal favourites,
I do love the quote!

  Again , the Japanese theme appears

A new baby card for my best friend who is expecting

 Valentine's card?

  I love simple designs the best - this one was created using a Chinese hole punch and it is gorgeous!

My earlier cards (made 3 years ago approx)

What crafts do you enjoy doing?

What defines 'crafts'?   Some ideas that come to mind are:

Mosaic art
Papercrafts (to include scrapbooking, cardmaking, ATC's etc)
Rug making
Candle making
Soap making
Papier mache
Jewellery making/beading
Screen printing
Cross stitch
Fabric crafts

These are just some of the general types.....can you add more?
I can proudly boast that I have tried the majority of these..but to me, anything that can be made by hand is considered a craft.

Making origami 'lucky stars' is a very popular craft, especially in far eastern countries (after all origami originated from Japan - the art of paper folding).

Click here for instructions

I made the above jar of stars from foil paper strips, you will find these at any good oriental craft store , or just make your own by cutting coloured/foil paper into even strips.       Put your stars in a nice presentation jar and this will make an ideal gift for someone who isn't well in hospital or give as a token of friendship.

Craftster.org is a really cool website related to all things crafty, it really is a godsend because it's tutorials on pouch-making took my skills to another level.    It was my American penpal Dawn Xu who inspired me to start sewing fabric when she sent me a gorgeous cute wee manga fabric zippered purse which she had so lovingly handmade herself.     As a result I was hooked!!

I fell in love with this fabric right away - kawaii is the style, yay!!     This took me about 35 minutes to make using a sewing machine.

                        *                                   *                                       *                                    *

Being Chinese by ethnic origin, I am used to seeing all those pretty silk embroidered pictures which used to adorn my parents home. My dad also had a couple of very large silk pictures in his Chinese restaurant many years ago.

The history of Chinese embroidery goes back as far as the Neolithic age (5-6,000 years ago), and in modern China the craft still prevails in the southern provinces.    I tried to create what would resemble the typical style of silk embroidery in the following project:

I did not have a template to follow, for the cushion I actually embroidered the pattern onto plain white cotton fabric from memory of course, using an embroidery hoop to start with  -  as for the Chinese characters though I must say, I actually cheated a little...I could not tell you what they mean, however I know the word 'birds' is in it, if that is of any interest to you...

I love to sketch........

Good evening folks!!  Welcome to my brand new blog Jennifer's Arts & Crafts.   The reason I am starting this is that I have noticed there are more and more craft blogs about and thought to myself I better join the bandwagon here!   And so, I decided to create one to showcase my own projects!!

I hope you will enjoy looking at my creations.....any positive feedback is welcome!!

I am hoping to host competitions where you , the reader will  be able to win some cute craft goodies!!  Your contributions will be appreciated.

Watch this space..

For some reason, since 3 days ago, I have felt a resurgence in my own creative juices.    I love all things crafty (ever since I became a stay at home mummy 6 years ago), it was like I discovered a side to me I never knew existed.   I started nurturing my interest in making cards thanks to my mother-in-law who helped me with supplies.     That is my main craft interest....

I have always been an 'occasional' artistic person. Joined an art course four years ago - ended up giving up after a couple of sessions because I was embarrassed that my paintings were too 'childlike', it's the truth - I can't paint to save my life.  Though I would say I am better at drawing and sketching....maybe a bit 'wonky' on the shading but I think I am fairly good at the drawing.

 Here is what I sketched yesterday:

Is it good?