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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

My mosaics order arrived today;  and how delightful!!     I started dabbling in mosaics about three years ago...and it is a very calming hobby there is no doubt about it.

To make a mosaic art piece, basically you need the following items:

Base (mdf or piece of plywood or a table top for example) , mosaic tiles, goggles, gloves, tile cutter/nipper, grout, grout pigment, silicone glue or adhesive, clean rags or sponges (for cleaning your piece after completing project)

Iridescent effect tiles

Unusual mosaic shapes with words/faces/hearts on them!


 Boy, what fun could I have with these??!!

 Here's one I made earlier:

This was very simple to make; first I used an apple shaped mdf for it's eye catching shape and arranged the mosaic tiles onto the base. I then glued the pieces on using PVA glue, left it for 24 hours to dry.  Using some ready made grout I filled in the gaps between the mosaics. After ten minutes, I used a damp rag and wiped the tops of the tiles clean.     And, there you have it -  a gorgeous decorative mosaic plaque !!!

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