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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

For the love of art...

Art is everywhere. Look beyond yourself and you see it in the people , places and things around you.

One artist I know is Canal Cheong-Jagerroos, a professional painter who has done very well for herself.  Married to a Finnish husband, she originated from Macau.  Her father taught her the fundamental techniques of traditional Chinese painting; this can be seen in many of her works past and present. 

I first met Canal in 1996 whilst I was living in Strasbourg, France.   I was a student back then, those memories of my friendship with her were unforgettable...later on after I left France, we sorted of drifted apart.      I am sad about this, but people in life move on....I am honoured to have met her and formed a friendship with her - albeit a short one.        Some of her current paintings have fetched several thousand pounds per piece!

Click here to see info & paintings by Canal

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