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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Paper mache letter holder tutorial

Paper mache letter holder

The letter rack I created above was inspired by my love of letter writing & foreign correspondance in general.   I decided to use up my old used postage stamps that were lying about in the house (recycling helps the environment).          Can you think of any other ways in which we can recycle within our crafts?


Materials used:
Cardboard box & a rectangular cardboard base; paints; used foreign stamps; strips of newspaper, wallpaper paste; adhesive.

  1. Start by cutting the box to give the diagonal 'opening' on the top of the box
  2. Paste strips of newspaper to the box using the wallpaper paste and cover all areas on the outside
  3. Repeat until four layers have been applied (leaving it to dry thoroughly between layers)
  4. Attach the cardboard base
  5. Paint the whole box with white paint
  6. Paint the inside of the holder with a dark paint
  7. Allow to dry, then glue the used stamps on, arrange them so they overlap slightly so no gaps can be seen
  8. Once completed decorate the base and the top edges with red & blue paint.
And, voila!!

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